On a Month

On a Month

Today, it’s been one month since I met you. Thanks to many sleepless nights (more sleepless for your mom even), many of our first days together are a blur. You have changed so much, and your mom and I are already seeing little personality quirks from you that make us smile.

I don’t want this blog to only be about lessons I want to pass down to you… I barely have my own life figured out (debatably so), so the idea that I would have endless amounts of wisdom to share with you is laughable. Rather, I want this to be a place where you can come back to some day and understand a little more about who you were when you were young, and the successes and struggles your mother and I had with you as you grew up.

Today you are a month. Your highlight reel includes a lot of crying (fussy cries, not tearful ones), a lot of eating, and a lot of pooping. Last night, you were nursing at about 3 a.m. and we were already two diaper changes deep since you work up. You have this way of falling asleep while you nurse, and all of a sudden you let out this big grunt, while also letting out this big…well, you know.

I was starting to doze off because my official job between 10:00 p.m.-5:30 a.m. is to get the diaper changing station ready, change you when your mom needs a break, and to throw away the diaper. Figuring that since you already had two dirty diapers, my job was pretty much set for the moment, and that you and your mom would handle the business at hand before going back to sleep. Well, your little grunt-poo-combo not only work you up, but it startled me out of sleep and your mom and I just laughed.

You have two faces that I really like. You also have a few double-chin looks that aren’t safe for camera, but my two favorite faces are:

  1. Surprised-Whistle Face: where your eye brows go up and you scrunch your mouth into the tiniest little Cheerio. I’m not sure what you’re doing or trying to say, but it’s almost like you just do it to get me to laugh.
  2. Someone-is-About-to-Attack Face: Usually you give this one to a ceiling light or an open door, but it’s almost this look of fear like you’re ready for a monster to barge in through the door at any moment. Your eyes go wide, mouth stays shut, and I don’t think a muscle in your face would move if the biggest surprise happened in a split-second.

My other favorite face is the one where your eyes are closed and you are letting your mom and me sleep or get some work done.

I think you think your grandmothers are your pillow, because all three of them have held you and you just pass right out. Your grandma Butler has a special trick where she can rub your temple and you just zonk out for hours. Your grandma Whitt has some kind of special powers where she can talk as loud as she wants, and somehow you don’t fuss or wake up. Your grandma Rauch I’m sure is already perfecting her spell on how to get you to stay asleep, but when she met you a week or two ago, you already just cozied up and fell right asleep in her arms. Your mom and I will tip-toe around for 30 minutes after we get you to sleep, because if we open the door wrong, you are up and not happy about it.

Another thing that is funny about you is that you love falling asleep to the sound of the vacuum cleaner. We put you to sleep last night by vacuuming the bedroom at 10:00 p.m. We also found an app that plays vacuum sounds, and I learned that there are a ton of Spotify channels that just repeat the sound of a loud vacuum.

Volume up. Baby sleep.

There is so much to love about you already, and your mom and I are so excited to see what steps you make in the coming months.


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