On you, lately


OK so since the last time we talked (if you’re going to give me guff for not writing to you recently, then I’m going to pretend like we don’t talk at all aside from these posts) a lot has happened. First of all, you’re a genius. And with all due respect to all the other kids in the world whose parents say the same thing — all due respect — they’re all totally wrong and you set the bar for genius toddler (GT for short).

You’re now, what, like 19 months old? That sound right? Yea, got all your colors down with the exception of pink/purple. You kind of default to pink for either of those colors, but there is probably something left brain going on where you are just over analyzing due to your superior GT. Body parts (boop boop — your mom will get that) you have down, and you’re happy to show off your chest, belly, nose, ears, hair, etc.

Where is Momma’s hair? Yea, you can nail that one too. I feel bad for anyone who is making an SAT test in the next 16-17 years, know what I mean?

GT aside, you are a wee-bit short for 19 months. Your mom showed me a picture of you and your friend Ethan, who is a few months older than you, and he basically looks like Lebron James next to you, son. So while you’re fast, fast, fast, we need you to do a bit of grow, grow, grow in the next few months, k?

So what else is new with you?

Oh, you can basically say all the words now. Your mom and I, and Deb-Deb to an extent, pretty much work on the same 20-30 words with you. Well, the other day we were getting groceries delivered to our car (we bougie), the guy was wrapping up and you just blurt out, out of nowhere, “THANK YOU!.” Your mom and I whipped around and gave each other a “where did that come from?!?” Basically, GT.

Areas for improvement

Not that your mom or I grade you as a whole…

Sidebar – we do grade you on individual meals, errands out, trips to G-ma’s house, etc.

…but if we were to grade you, you’d have less than an “A” in the following areas:

  • pinching your mom
  • demanding snacks, then fake-feeding Rogue
  • that second nap on weekends when your mom and I would really love a nap in the afternoon
  • finishing most meals — though you are getting better here
  • being a tornado
  • wanting to mow the porch, which leads to ringing the doorbell 100x or teetering on the verge of death (aka – falling off the step)
  • letting us pick your boogers

On that last one, you’ve been rocking some serious boogs these past few weeks, and you sound like a sick baby. So when we can literally see a massive loogie-stone dangling out of your nose, you defend yourself like a little boxer when we try to get it. It doesn’t help that those things are stuck in there like cement is holding on to them, but if you would just give us one good go at it, we’d all be a little better off.

Things you love

In no particular order, here are some of your favorite things at the moment: your mom/dad/dog, GIGI!, video chatting with Mima/Papa/your cousins, anything that ends in -ch/-sh (porch, watch, brush, trash, wash), Zeus!, pool, Peppa, big trucks (pickups, but mostly garbage trucks), school buses, pictures of yourself, stinky mel, hats, walks and being outside, Deb-Deb (and watching for her car), taking someone’s phone, remotes, roaring like a dinosaur, dinosaur books, dancing while being held, animal sounds, and 1,000,000 other things that I can’t think of right now.

Pretty much, you’re a pretty happy GT, and you continue to make your mom and I so happy every day — so don’t mess it up.


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